ImBN and Katala Weave Styles With a Brand New Single

With their brand new TMB exclusive single, ImBN and katala show off their incredible production skills through a blend of multiple styles and sounds. Gathering inspiration among names such as Olswel, Tennyson and Sam Gellaitry, these artists are constantly exploring unique melodies and rhythms that set them apart from the crowd. ‘Weave’ starts out with a steady and pulsing groove accompanied by a distinct talkbox lead, bumping up the energy from the get go. Melodies are playfully bouncing off of each other whilst a sub bass keeps a strong and steady foundation. Right after an atmospheric breakdown, we get a taste of that bounce style the two are known for. We hear an unexpected switch up that transitions well and keeps the track feeling fresh. A wonky and bouncy groove gets introduced together with panned chord stabs supporting the topline. This is a beautiful track that showcases exactly what these artists are capable of.

We decided to sit down with ImBN and katala for an interview regarding the single to get some insight into the backstory and the inspiration for the track.

“What inspired you to make this release or rather what were you thinking whilst making this release?”

ImBN: “I met up with Katala like a year ago once I found out he's from the same country as me, we also found out that our music taste was pretty similar, so eventually we decided to make something together. "Weave" stands for a song that links 2 different styles into one track, making it seem seamless. Even if the first and second drop are way different, they are woven as if it were wool.”

Katala: “The idea was born because one day I was on Instagram, watching videos of a guy using a talkbox and I thought "wow, I would love to be able to do that", so I looked for a way to replicate the sound and then went on to create the first drop of the track. I then sent the project over to ImBN, who at the time was someone I was just getting to know.”

We are super proud to have ImBN come back for his second TMB release, as well as introducing katala to our artist line up. These artists have evolved a lot during the time we’ve gotten to know them and trust us when we say, they’re not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. We’re excited to be evolving together with these artists and we’re glad you’re with us to witness their journey.

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