ThreeTimesYes and Lost Alien team up to bring us ‘Kickflip’

ThreeTimesYes and Lost Alien may be fresh and unheard names for most of us, however, these two Italian producers definitely know how to impress with their rhythms and melodies. Influenced by legendary artists such as Diplo and Skrillex as well as equally iconic trap producers like Dilip and Olswel, these two names are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

This September, TTY and Lost Alien bring ‘Kickflip’ to the TMB lineup, a trap track with a strong sense of bounce that has been in the works since back in January this year.

“We met in Milan for a studio session in late January, we made tons of little projects together that we promptly forgot about the next day. About 3 months later Lost decided to post one of the melodies he made on Instagram, to which I replied "we gotta do something with this". We then worked on it ever since, adding little bits and pieces here and there” says TTY.

For us at TMB, this track really struck a chord with us. Each part of the track has a clear sense of purpose and all of the elements work with each other beautifully. We believe that this stems from a genuine love for the music and this was further reinforced when we got a chance to sit down with them for an interview:

Why do you make music?

“The first aspect is seeing people bop their heads to the track in the case of more trappy songs or even people telling me they felt someway after a song, being told you touched someone is something I don’t know how to put into words, it's just something that keeps me up all night making music,” responds TTY.

“I make music because I try to give free rein to my imagination and to try to introduce the listener into my mind. Each beat contains an experience that gives my productions a certain type of mood.“ says Lost Alien. “If I had to sum it all up in one answer it is "my music is my life" as opposed to literally speaking.”

Sharing music from artists with a love for their craft is one of our driving forces at TMB and we really believe that these two have a bright future in that regard. We are proud to present ‘Kickflip’ to the TMB network and hope to see these artists grow and carry along with this passion into their future projects.

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