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Lasse, Galazy and Sweatyszn tell you what’s up with “Tell Me”

While 2020 has undoubtedly been a downer of a year for everybody, Lasse, Galazy and Sweatyszn end it on a high note with a banger that is sure to get you moving.

“Tell Me” radiates a unique sense of swagger that serves a reminder as to why these three remain at the top of their game. The track is structured into three distinct drops, each reflecting their respective artist’s styles superbly. With the first we hear the classic hard-hitting bounce style Lasse has defined over the past few months, seen previously with tracks like “Anthem” and “Sprung’ (with Keeth and Amore). The sense of impact created here by the punchy kicks and 808s makes for a drop that sets an amazing precedent for what is to follow. Next up is the drop from Galazy, an artist who has made a tremendous impact on the bounce trap scene this year with hit after hit. Here we also get to see his style on full display. An array of intricate rhythms and vocals chops fit perfectly over the snappy 808 pattern. Last up is the drop from Sweatyszn. While a slight departure from the vibe presented in the previous drops, here we get a smoother, more mellow section topped by an entrancing melody that holds it all together. All in all, the sense of progression between the different sections here makes for an engaging listening experience that takes you on a journey through the minds and styles of the artists, resulting in a track that you’ll be sure to revisit for months and years to come

We asked these artists some questions in order to get some insight into the thought process behind this track, as well as shed some light on their influences and hopes for the future


Who are your influences?

Lasse: My big influences are people like troyboi, ramzoid and monte booker.

Galazy: My influences are collected from all over the place, but as of right now Ethanplus, Milye, Jacob Collier, Tom Misch and Godspeed are some of the most prominent influences when it comes to my music

Sweatyszn: For bounce music, my biggest influences are godspeed, aedfx, and ELK.

Why do you make music?

Lasse: I make music cause I feel like I can express myself in a way that I haven't been able to do anywhere else.

Galazy: To me, music is a creative outlet where I allow myself to express myself however I like whilst also having the freedom of being able to play around. As cliche as it sounds, it's a way for me to evolve as a person whilst also exploring a passion of mine.

Sweatyszn: I like to make music because it allows me to pioneer uncharted sonic and emotional territory.

What inspired you to make this release or rather, what were you thinking while making this release?

Lasse: I started this idea back a long time ago, playing around with some sounds from foreign countries and slowly got a bounce going with some hard hitting drums and I felt like it would be perfect for a 3 way collab between me, Galazy and Sweatyszn. We all make bouncier music, but all different and I feel like our style compliments each other so much.

Galazy: Throughout the years that we've known each other, me, Lasse and Sweatyszn have made a lot of music together. Multiple collabs between the 3 of us but also a decent amount of 3 way collabs. As Sweatyszn has more recently moved into more melodic areas of music, we hadn't really worked on anything together for a while, so Tell Me became the final reunion of the group.

Sweatyszn: For this release, I wanted to show my two bounce music protégés that their old man could still compete with them. :D

How did you get into producing music?

Lasse: I grew up with music, my dad was a pretty big DJ in my country and me and my siblings have always played guitar, drums etc. So it just felt natural to me.

Galazy: I found music production through an In The Studio session with Avicii back in 2015. After that, I discovered FL Studio and from there on out, music production was for the most part what I spent my hours learning

Sweatyszn: One day, my friend and I decided to mess around and each try to make an EDM beat in garageband. What I made could hardly be described as music, but I was up until 5am that morning having the time of my life making it.

Where do you see yourself a year from now in terms of your music career?

Lasse: In a year I will have my final sound, that won't disappoint and hopefully keep people hyped.

Galazy: Honestly a tough question, but most likely focusing a lot on finding a balance between my love for bouncy bass music and melodic music. I'm also very in love with what the guys over at Audius are doing for the music scene at the moment, so I definitely wish to be working even more closely with them in the year(s) to come.

Sweatyszn: A year from now, I see myself working on my first album for my Zoysia project

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prodlasse.com https://www.instagram.com/prodlasse/


https://audius.co/lasse Spotify


https://soundcloud.com/musicbygalazy https://twitter.com/Galazy_Music https://audius.co/galazy_music Spotify Sweatyszn

https://soundcloud.com/sweatyszn https://audius.co/sweatyszn https://soundcloud.com/zoysia


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