First Release of 2020 - Julien From Florida

We are so excited to bring a new release into 2020! Our roster artist, Julien from Florida, has given us a special track called “Girl Lemme Get Ur Kik“. A great start to our EDM Wednesdays, the track is very bouncy and is an amazing listen! Julien always gives little easter eggs throughout his music (Mario & Daft Punk as an example), and those little effects add a little nostalgia to the song as well! It will premiere today, January 8th, 2020, and I hope you guys find it as great a listen as I do!

About Julien From Florida:

Living in Florida, Julien has been a producer for three years now and enjoys the color yellow. He makes plenty of Future Beats/Future Bass but also makes music outside of the box as well. He loves the color yellow as it symbolizes happiness, positivity, fun, warmth, and good vibes! Some musical artists he pulls from are Deadmau5, Chuck Sutton, Zotti, Ellzo, Jacob Collier, and he even is influenced by games like Super Mario and Zelda! Be on the lookout for new music from him! Julien From Florida’s Soundcloud!

Julien From Florida’s Spotify!

Both Release Links Below!

Youtube & Soundcloud

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