Tehseen Showcases His New Song - Colours

Our roster artist, Tehseen, has created a vibe worthy track called “Colours”. This is a smooth start to our Chill Mondays. The song is a plug beat accompanied by cute synth melodies, a BlocBoy JB acapella as well as a sample that was used during a flip session. Colours was created during a sample flip session that was held by a production company called Instrosonly. Tehseen and his friends went to the session where they were given a sample (Isaac Hayes - Soulful Sunday Morning) and 1 hour and 30 minutes to flip the sample and make it into a song. Tehseen won the session with an unfinished version of Colours which resulted in getting some cool prizes. Tehseen’s inspiration for the beat was based on a fellow producer named Pandi. He thought that the way Pandi produced his music would best suit the beat after sorting and chopping up the sample. This song will premiere today, January 13th, 2020, and I hope you enjoy the vibes as I do!

About Tehseen:

Based in London, Tehseen started producing music on and off during his secondary/middle school years with the equipment provided in the school’s music facilities. As of recently, he has devoted a year of his music to trying many different styles, genres and software’s to better his workflow and musicality. Dilip, Quickly Quickly, Shortfatty, J Dilla, and Monte Booker are some of the people that he is musically inspired by and has influenced his style.

Tehseen's Links: Soundcloud, Spotify, Beatstars, Instagram, Paypal!

Song Release (Here)

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