Budsworth Brings the Brassy Bounce with "Bumpy"

Kicking off the year for TMB is a relatively new face in the underground sphere, with a track that is sure to make you keep an eye on their future growth. This debut track from Budsworth is a fun, bouncy trap number featuring a heavy use of brass instruments, making for a high energy fusion of styles that shouldn’t work together, yet absolutely does. The main driving force is of course the blaring trumpet melodies and how they interact with the drum patterns and 808s laid out, weaving together a catchy melody across an upbeat rhythm.

Leading up to the release of “Bumpy”, we sat down in a digital interview together with Budsworth to discuss his latest release on the TMB network and get some insight into his process...


Who are your influences?

Budsworth: A lot of the soulection bunch have done some really sick things wich have definitely stuck with me.

Why do you make music?

Budsworth: Music to me is like nothing else, the fact that combinations of sounds can make people inspired or emotional or whatever a song means to them truly fascinates me and I want explore that idea

What inspired you to make this release or rather, what were you thinking while making this release?

Budsworth: The amazing producer “ethanplus” lead me to the idea of using a saxophone as a main melody of a song. My main thoughts while making bumpy was to give off loads of playfulness.

How did you start music?

Budsworth: I started making music as a joke, when me and my friends got together we'd make stupid songs about literally anything and that grew into me wanting to pursue music.

Where do you see yourself a year from now with music?

Budsworth: I want to venture out into more experimental work as well as more commercial work to try and make music full time :)

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