Amore Delivers A Banger to The Music Blender Collection

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

22 year old Amore is a truly talented trap/ hip hop producer from Houston. His music is heavily influenced by Hip Hop and RnB artists such as Flying lotus, J Dilla and Pharell Williams and has a diverse range of styles, from melodic tracks like ‘Take It Easy’ to more gritty tracks like ‘FANTASTIC!’. This August, Amore came out with his brand new single on The Music Blender titled ‘Chrysalis’, once again showing off his incredible diversity when it comes to his productions. This Trap/RnB track contains a perfect blend of synthesized and organic sounds and is a clear indicator that Amore is always expanding his horizons and looking to evolve. “I listened to a song I made a whole year prior and thought to myself, “Wow I’ve gotten so much better at this”. It represented a “metamorphosis” of me as a person. I was going through a breakup and was not quite over it so I made a promise to myself to not stress over things I cannot control anymore. I made this song and had it evolve over time and completely switch up representing a metamorphosis of sounds.” says Amore regarding the release. With Amore having joined the Music Blender roster, we will continue to see brand new singles and beats being rolled out. Amore says he is planning to start a beat store in the foreseeable future as well as releasing singles, so there is no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more music from him. “I’d hope to gain more notoriety for me as an artist and producer, but I still have a long way to go.” he states regarding the plans for his beat store.

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Interviewer: RXPHY

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